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otome-sama ✄
20 August 2009 @ 15:16
Haven't posted summaries for a while due to procrastination and I'm also getting ready for school. I probably won't post summaries as often anymore!

Mikan realises that the masked boy was Natsume: the back, his ear ring, his warm hand on her wrist!! The white team members hurry to find their red team friends. Nonoko and the others find Mikan and the other red team people wearing gakurans (Japanese junior high uniforms for boys). The Sports festival is at its final stage: the next event is the main event, the cheerleading contest. Usually the winner from past years is the white team. The cheer leading contest decides which cheering of the white team or red team is best, determined by a flag from the audience.

The cheer leading contest begins with the white team going first. The white team is preparing and Ruka/Natsume spot Mikan. Ruka greets Mikan but Mikan is surprised to see Natsume behind him. Mikan is happy that now is the chance to ask Natsume about earlier. However, Luna pops up and congratulates Mikan on the borrowing race. She says the fireworks were nice, weren't they? She was watching from afar with Natsume all the time. Luna wonders who the masked boy was. Mikan is surprised to find out that Natsume and Koizumi were together throughout the borrowing race. Luna holds onto Natsume's arm and walks off. Half a page of staring between Mikan, Natsume, Hotaru, and Ruka.

Natsume tells Luna to get off him. Luna asks him if he should speak to her like that after covering over his mistake. Luna grabs his hand and tells him that it's not fun...her popularity and his attitude makes her want to make her (Mikan) realise... There's a scene with the SSP paying careful attention to this round. The white team's performance begins!!

Using the gijustu kei's performance and thet aishitsu kei's pheremones, white team creates song and dance. Their specialty this year is the superhuman acrobatic performance and their surprise this year is a moving smoke cloud "Mokkun" by the gijutsu-kei's science team...!!! The members of the red team are amazed and it's no mistake why they lose every year!! While everyone is cheering, Tsubasa wonders what happened to Mikan who would always appear screaming at this moment. Tsubasa is surprised to see a silent Mikan. Mikan thought that the boy was Natsume but it doesn't matter if it's not Natsume. She keeps thinking about Luna watching with Natsume ALL THE TIME (emphasised) and that she doesn't care about the two of them... together ALL THE TIME. Her thoughts enrage her emotions and she throws the table up.

~ Not finished ~
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otome-sama ✄
11 August 2009 @ 19:14
The summary is under the cut. Click to read (below).

Chapter 84Collapse )
otome-sama ✄
07 August 2009 @ 00:20
The summary is under the cut (click below to read).

Chapter 83Collapse )